social network for industry, fintech for float A Social Network for Industry, a Fintech for float Social platforms gather data Data mitigates risk Lowered risk allows smarter financing Machineparty is a social platform for industry that monetizes through the Clearinghouse of float. The common denominator of all industrial b2b transactions is float. It?s an equation: with float finance, Machineparty gets the whole Bill of Material of industry. Machineparty works by building a platform where companies can broadcast their industrial requirements or Bill of Material. These RFQ's (Request for Quotation) we call Meeps on our platform. The mechanics works the same way as newsmakers tweet their news and use hashtags for it to arrive and filter through the complex web and arrive at the right audience. Machineparty offers credit via its partners to finance the meeps on our platform. This in turn gives incentives towards companies to put more of their RFQs online which in turn fuels more data to our algorithms and offer better ratings
Total raised: $100K