Road freight smart coordination platform LN allows small road freight operators (carriers) to outsource their entire function of coordination and customer acquisition to LN's centralised platform. This provides the safety net needed for small carriers to reduce their pricing, as with high scale coordination, small scale carriers can eliminate the empty running that impedes their survivability. This saves the 90%+ of the $40billion Thai road freight market, who - with low margins and low scale - cannot effectively stay alive in the market. Their low resources have led to poor coordination, which has prevented them from being able to effectively reach customers as shippers are completely price oriented. Inability to find consistent customers mean these carriers run empty often, with 96% of trucks returning from loads empty, incurring their high running costs with no revenue. This means road freight pricing is almost twice what it should be, as carriers run uncompetitive 2-way costs in an attempt to remain competitive. With LN's coordination, the small scale of these carriers becomes an asset, not a liability, as they are nimble and flexible with extremely lean operations, with LN handling the coordination of their trucks and acquisition of customers. Reducing empty running sees transport costs fall 30-40%, providing the ability to run market leading rates with expanded profitability. These small carriers cannot survive in the market, and LN is the most accessible and effective platform that developing road freight has ever seen - carriers face no upfront costs. This industry has been stagnant for too long, the opportunity is real. For carriers, joining LN is easy, they simply become a member and LN handles the rest. They can focus on their trucks, we focus on the finding of customers. This is massively profitable, as we take a coordination fee from all load payments that our carriers recieve, but run no trucks so incur no heavy operational costs.
Member count: 1-10