The easiest way to find a lawyer LawKick makes it easier than ever to find legal help that meets your needs and budget. You simply answer some questions about your legal needs and receive personalized price quotes from qualified lawyers nearby. The average project receives a response in under 18 minutes and the cost varies an average of $1849 between the lowest and highest bids. We are saving people significant time and money in the process of seeking legal help. Why It Works: Our platform allows users to quickly consult with multiple attorneys from a single, centralized platform, making it easy and efficient to hire the right lawyer for their specific situation. All attorneys are pre-vetted and screened for quality by our team prior to signing up. LawKick saves attorneys time and money by streamlining new client consultations and providing an efficient, targeted client acquisition channel to reduce marketing expenses. We are bringing the $300B legal marketplace online to create efficiency and transparency.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $200K

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