A fashion accessories brand "Chic, Confident, Conscious and Curious. You love minimal with a hint of bling, you love to explore and experiment the unconventional. You are bold & confident, you are aware of your inner-self and extremely curious about anything which captivates you. You look beyond your outfit to complete your outlook. You find joy in your fabulous world of accessories" You are ours & We are yours We are JOKER & WITCH. JOKER AND WITCH is a Fashion accessories brand for the generation of today & tomorrow who are smart, conscious & curious. Our sole focus is on fashion accessories as we believe that they have the power to transform anybody?s outfit and outlook. We are inspired by international brands such as Monsoon Accessorize, New Look & Zara, celebrity trends and the ever-changing and demanding Consumers. Our Mission is to help Women & Men discover their fabulous self (alter-ego) through accessories Our Vision is to become a ?cult global accessories brand? by 2025.