JOKER AND WITCH is a Fashion accessory brand for women of today & tomorrow who are smart, conscious & versatile. We believe that accessories have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook. They are the tiny details that have the ability to accentuate & differentiate every individual’s style. Your style may be subtle, blaringly obvious or somewhere in between, but we promise to help you find your fabulous every single day. We offer Fashion & Lifestyle products such as Handbags, Jewelry, Watches & other accessories which are inspired by international brands, celebrity looks and high street styles. At JOKER & WITCH, we provide irresistible value to our customers by ensuring that every product is in vogue, priced aptly and delivered to their doorstep. Our objective is to revolutionize fashion e-commerce in such a way that Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories become contagious necessities rather than just being impulsive wants. We desire to achieve this dream by creating designs, styles & products which are either trend-setting or 'never seen before'. Our team of designers, curators & buyers bring out the best collections every month which is tuned to Indian season & International trends. At JOKER AND WITCH, we like to present everything in a very minimal & subtle manner ensuring that the key focus in on the product & proposition. Hence, our website exudes easy navigation, quick loading and a faster checkout process so that your shopping experience stays wonderful. Our sales & promotions newsletter provides a daily dose of new arrivals, stylist's pick and what's trending. Our member rewards program, BEWITCHED, is worth checking out too so that you can earn while you shop.
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +91 82964 25250
Founded date: 2016