Portfolio Management software like Atlassian JIRA JIRA Goggles - In pursuit of a company alignment! For Business and IT of IT-heavy companies who strive to understand each other while working together on portfolio of shared goals JIRA Goggles is the add-on for Atlassian JIRA that lets them share the same perspective on why and how business vision is turned into working products. Unlike other software project management tools our product offers focus and alignment of efforts by ensuring: Holistic Transparency, Requirement Traceability and Intuitive Homogenic Structure. There are 7 of us. We are all volunteers. The JIRA Goggles v1.0 Community Edition is free. Why? Because it is a Proof of Concept of our vision. We are collecting the customers feedback and working in the Lean Startup manner to drive development into the right direction. The v1.0 Community Edition is an open source project. We have a vision for the Professional Edition, a paid edition with even more business value and are currently looking for a sponsor.