Creating Simple & Effective Sports Products TruePendulumMotion (TPM) is our flagship golf putting training apparatus that is patented by the US. TPM is used by some of the best players on the LPGA Tour, and PGA Tour as well as by a number of the top 50 best instructors in the US. TPM simply attaches to the golfer's putter and instantly allows the golfer to feel the proper mechanics of a connected putting stroke. It is unique as it does not anchor to your body and provides residual benefits such as proper posture, proper hand/arm positions, and keeps your body square. Faults are immediately discovered when using TPM. We are also developing a follow up putting training aid from TOUR player input to provide a product that encompasses all the best drills and allows a golfer to immediately get feedback on how their putting stroke is doing. This ground trainer will be related to the principles that TPM teaches.
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