We help Transform Ideas into Innovative Products Lean Product Management: Do you need Problem Exploration? Do you want to understand articulated and unarticulated customer needs better? Do you need to build an MVP that works? Do you need help prioritizing and planning what features to build? Is your product well-designed and easy to use as your customers would like? Are you tracking and optimizing the key metrics for your business? Do you need help launching great products? Would you like to learn and apply best practices in all these areas? With our diverse team of experts and ?validated learning? approach we will work with you to discover and achieve Problem- Solution fit and validate to achieve faster Product ? Market fit Lean Startup Training: Our hands-on Lean startup workshop will give practical tools and techniques for applying lean startup and customer development to your Product and will equip you with hands on learning which you can apply to your startup from the very next day and reduce waste.
Member count: 1-10