All IN ONE Crypto-exchange TradePlace Exchange is an ALL IN ONE global cryptocurrency exchange. It will form a new innovative platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. We offer a lot of free and groundbreaking new services to our community. We offer a free analysis service in which a great team of experts help us find the best trends in the market and provide us with the best analysis of the highest volume pairs, a live news sharing, a vote to add new tokens to the exchange, scam coins and tokens warnings and so much more (Forum). TradePlace will simplify the way you withdraw funds and will allow its community to get verified and regulated quickly and efficiently. At TradePlace, we are in our ICO stages right now and going to be one of the best projects this year. We are well rated on the best ICO trackers like ICObench (4.7/5), ICOTOP (A2), TrackICO (5/5), ICOMarks (9.1/10), and got verified and will rated at ICOBazaar.
Member count: 1-10