Work redefined to benefit all Hourly Kapital, creates labor markets within organizations that improve productivity, employee satisfaction, retention, and compensation while saving money through the novel use of behavioral economics and academically tried and tested nudges. How we are viewed by stakeholders: Employer: We save money on labor through increasing productivity, reduce expense of cross training leading to stronger corporate culture. This diminishes the siloing of information and increases retention. Employee: We offer flexibility in their work and their level of work, offer a new way to find their passion, and increase earnings. HR: We create systems that make employees happier, increase retention, and increasing productivity. Recruiting: We offer a new signal that you care about employees and help them develop and gain experience throughout the organization. This will help recruit better candidates and improve productivity further. Management: We offer a new way to reward and incentivize employees, distribute work, and decrease the need for temporary or part time hires.
Member count: 1-10