the next IG, Tic toc, Snapchat mix w/ creativity and transparency Hi-SkoolDiaries.com is an anonymous social platform that allows teens to have discussion forums in real time without showing their identity, but through a 3D virtual made anthropomorphic avatar. The special featured avatar will be built with the option to buy accessories and virtual goods. Also, there will be a made-up pseudonym that will not identify the teens real name. This will lessen so much bullying, anxiety, and peer pressure which will make teens feel better about opening up about their issues that they were once afraid to speak of before. On this social media site there?s also an option to toggle from the real world(basic interactive open SM) to the virtual world. video explaining: youtu.be/dBlbNYz6uIM youtu.be/dBlbNYz6uIM
Member count: 1-10