Hi-Aspect Limited

Hi-Aspect Limited

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Hi-Aspect makes protein fibrils for use in the life sciences. The core technology is the production of a high surface area, insoluble protein material with applications in skincare, and wound healing. The fibril scaffold can bind, stabilize and release active ingredients in a controllable manner while holding them close to the site of action. The scaffold material forms a gel, therefore providing functional properties in a formulation without the need for emulsifiers and other additives. The fibrils maintain their functional properties while in use but degrade slowly so they are not environmentally persistent. The proprietary production process does not require harsh conditions or toxic chemical agents that would leave residues, and the fibrils formed mimic materials found in nature. The fibril scaffold can also be formulated as sheets with and without composite materials, and can be made from a variety of protein sources to suit the final application.
Location: New Zealand, Wellington, Lower Hutt
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2015

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