Take out a minute to read the description. We don't serve on a platter :-) We are into many different verticals from Web Solutions, Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing and Branding, Writing (several kinds like articles, blogs and more), Language Learning Solutions, Translation Services, and more. And we are getting into- Many more small to mid sized businesses, the work on which is happening right now as I type. We are looking for both Senior Management/Co-founders who can lead their teams and junior positions. Why Should YOU Join Us? The biggest reason you should join us is because we have no funding and we are very generously giving out equity to the right people. Our equity sharing ratios is between 5% to 20%. You will be given a free hand to grow, both the team as well as the business without having to worry about funding. Its like starting your own, well funded venture. Intrigued by it, but not quite sure what it means? Give me a call. I am an MBA (Finance and Marketing) and I will happily split it all for you. 98806 87733 :-)
Member count: 1-10