HappySoul Tech

Mobile app. Guided Meditation in native Indian languages + Indian scriptures. Audio So are we like HeadSpace or Calm? Yes but with Indian content and for India - in Indian languages. We can't beat them in their game. We will have this presented for those middle and lower-middle-class folks in interior Maharashtra and UP and Bihar. Our dream is to garner enough resources to capture all the wisdom and science from the Indian spiritual sciences. Make it contemporary. Get all Indians to use it. And collect their unique personal data. Target audience: For now, we are targeting Indian native language users. Why do we want to do this? We are extremely passionate about Indian spiritual (and religious scriptures). Especially for the tenets of mental health that has so well captured. Would it make sense to just talk about meditation and be religion agnostic? India is driven by cricket and ... religion. Besides HeadSpace and Calm already doing it. Why audio? Why not text or video? The audio is big. With Airpod's and Alexa's the demand for audio content will skyrocket. in fact, we won't have enough audio content (especially in local language) to feed all those ears. Will this be paid subscription or ad revenue? Indians don't pay. The successful music apps have only 1% of its users as paid users. And that too as low as Rs. 300 a year for some of the top apps. We will have a subscription model but also augment it with the ad model. For spiritual stuff, people may pay more for in-app purchases targetted to solve their specific needs than a subscription.
Member count: 1-10