Safety toolkit for the digital age **BlueLight was featured in the White House's Smarter Cities Initiative and was voted the winning urban health technology of 2015 by 20 cities including LA, Salt Lake City, and Mountain View** BlueLight is the safety toolkit for the digital age. We put safety into your hands. We offer two primary features: On My Way for everyday location sharing and Request Help for calling emergency services more effectively than dialing 911. When you call 911 today from a smartphone, they don?t get your location and can?t find you. Today, 75% of 911 calls are made from cell phones and 40% of households no longer have landlines. With the rise of the smartphone, emergency communications have actually become worse. BlueLight is fixing that and bringing personal safety into the digital age. Benefits ? Location accuracy is 15x better (60 vs 900 feet) ? Calls for help are routed to closest help (private or public) based on caller's position ? More info about caller
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