FairFly uses GDS data to safely tap into best possible savings and incredible insights via 3 key solutions; FareSaver, Policy & Supplier Insights, and Disruption Insights. FARESAVER: a tried, tested and industry trusted price assurance tool that uses machine learning technology to extract annual savings for our customers. FairFly’s FareSaver allows clients to save an impressive average of 4% annually by continually scanning GDS data for price drops for the exact same airline, itinerary, cabin, and seat; FairFly delivers a lower fare with absolutely zero disruption to the traveler. POLICY & SUPPLIER INSIGHTS: a complete end-to-end solution delivering real-time visibility into travel policies and supplier relationships. These insights are designed to help you track, control and monitor any and all of your program's policies and equip you with powerful insights into all negotiated fares. DISRUPTION INSIGHTS: designed to unlock a comprehensive view of all unused tickets to highlight any that can be refunded or used for future trips. Using FairFly’s Disruption Insights, any hidden refund opportunities will be revealed, ensuring all ticket values are utilized before they expire.
Location: Israel, Tel Aviv
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $2.5M