CertusBio is a lab-on-a-chip biosensor technology company. Its novel technologies allow for interference-free continuous monitoring of industrial processes. CertusBio’s lead product, Milk-Guard, is the first real-time interference-free biosensor monitoring device aimed at the dairy processing industry. The biosensor detects lactose and milk in dairy processing wastewater and puts control in the hands of process operators to dramatically reduce processing loses. Trials have been conducted at industrial processing plants where the Milk-Guard technology has been shown to be able to identify early product loss events that can be worth in excess of NZ$30,000 for a single event. CertusBio’s product development pipeline extends beyond the dairy processing industry. It is currently developing an additional biosensor technology, Aeration-Guard, aimed at continuous monitoring of wastewater treatment plant influent water to provide real-time specifications for optimal wastewater treatment leading to significant energy savings for plant owners and operators. Further lab-on-a-chip biosensor technologies for the Food Processing, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries are envisaged.

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