Social Network for Social Betting Betapp is a social network for social betting! It?s a platform that allows you to challenge one of your friends or even yourself for any kind of bet you want, be it who runs faster, if you can lose 10lbs in a month, or even who can whistle the loudest! The content on these bets is entirely user-generated ? after you create your challenge it?s launched onto your network and your friends can bet for or against you! Betapp will oftentimes generate its own content and bets regarding hot topics that the users themselves displayed an interest in, such as politics, music, media, cinema, anything entertaining we can get our hands on, really. Whether you wage money or simply virtual credits on your bets is entirely up to you! What we aim to create is a fun, easy to use platform where you can share yourself and your skills with your friends. A place where you can challenge your world!
Member count: 1-10