Exchange With Cards Bentukartu lets you exchange information using digital cards. Mainly, digital cards exchanged using generated QR-code. Especially, for business cards, Bentukartu will use OCR to scan business cards, then associate it with existing digital cards. Bentukartu has four card types that can be exchanged. Business cards, event cards, company cards, and product cards. You can put all your information in each cards, including Youtube video, photos, and social media accounts. You can set your card to be searchable or not. Your information can be saved and shared. User can also book or save your event to their device and add your product to their shopping list. You can check stats for each of your card. How many visits and saves on your card in particular time. Your events can be searched by user. User can specify location (like Foursquare), date, and event type when searching events.
Member count: 1-10