Disaster Risk Reduction Space Solutions

Be prepared to recover quickly - security from climate change The extreme climate changes of the last ten years, have resulted in more than $200 billion in business losses each year and millions of injured or dead, during the last decade. In Davos, Switzerland, in February, President of the World Bank, called on corporate leaders to take action: "Every company, investor and bank that screens new and existing investments for climate risk is simply being pragmatic." BeeGo's global command center is your source for leadership and guidance to maintain continuity during a natural disaster without disruption. We are a premier information and analytics center that uses advanced technologies to monitor the environment, your industry, your companies, your organizations and your region. We predict outcomes that may adversely affect your operations and capabilities and then we provide you with viable solutions for valuable decision-making based on data science and analytics. Continue to do business as you meant to, even during climate change effects.
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