Eco-Friendly Hollow Wooden Surfboards for the Mass Market Beech Surfboards is our response to a throw-away society that is filling the oceans we surf with environmentally harmful materials each year. We decided to contribute to the surf community in a low impact, positive way by producing performance Eco-friendly wooden surfboards. We began production of our (No Foam) hollow wood surfboards after 2 years of research and development. What sets us far apart from all other wood board builders globally is the precision of our boards, but most importantly our manufacturing speed. All other hollow wood board builder hand-craft their boards through a labor-intensive process that takes 40+ hours to build a board. Beech Surfboards has fundamentally changed hollow wood board building with our proprietary manufacturing process which enables us to manufacture a hollow wood board blank in 24 minutes with full industrial scalability. We have world-renowned shapers for our next two board models in the queue and we are seeking an Angel Investor.
Member count: 1-10