Wikis Awaken Local Languages Our "product" is a wiki that functions both as a resource for the Balinese language (which can be replicated with other language languages) and as a language revitalization tool. It differs from tools of its kind in that it is the workproduct of a collaboration of scholars, government agencies and community members and it involves people at the local local, national and international levels. It is also unique in that it seeks to engage people in revitalizing their language while there is still a solid base of speakers. Part multimedia dictionary, part encyclopedia and part platform for content about Balinese culture that does not yet have a digital home -- including indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants, oral traditions, and modern literature - the BASAbali Wiki tries to bridge the traditional with the modern to help sustain local languages for this generation's children's children. The BASAbali Wiki was named as the 2018 International Linguapax Award winner.