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Coupon redemption and distribution platform using iBeacon Bargainez gives businesses the ability to send unique, targeted coupons to customers based on demographics, shopping history, etc. The coupons can only be redeemed by the intended recipient. Accurate metrics are gathered in the process. Online, no coupon codes are required, the coupon gets applied seamlessly once the business has placed the bargainez code snippet into their site. The code snippet also gives businesses the ability to push coupons to customers that have browsed certain products but did not make a purchase. In-store, we're eliminating the need for printable coupons, QR codes, check-ins, etc. Coupon redemption is done through iBeacon technology. When the customer is present at checkout, next to the iOS POS, the cashier will be informed that the customer has a coupon. The redemption takes a single tap, and the customer never needs to show their phone. We're also using iBeacon to push coupons to existing and prospective customers that are passing by the store.
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