Technologies for cricket Ballebaaz is a platform for cricketers. The core product of this platform, the Ballebaaz mobile App which was launched in the Google play store one year ago and has close to 30k users. Ballebaaz mobile App is an efficient mobile App optimized for finding fellow cricket lovers interested in playing the game together as a team. This provides an easy communication for better team selections and player identification and helps not only in match finding but throughout the game phase by score management and can save the details for future use. Our new product is the Ballebaaz Scoreboard which makes the cricketing experience even better by displaying the live score in the ground to both players and audience. This Scoreboard is a wireless and very low latency device that operates over WiFi which can display scores entered by the user from the Ballebaaz mobile App in Real-Time. This Scoreboard is designed to withstand the rough conditions in the cricket ground.
Member count: 1-10