Social distancing in summer is no problem using this trendy product Soon summer will be here. But it?s not going to go down in history as ? just another regular lazy summer?. A lot of travels are cancelled or postponed due to the Corona virus and a lot of people will be stuck in their own homes. But the sun will still shine all over the world. So we present you: The BAG-A-RUB. A new and trendy skin care tool to apply lotion your own back without needing anyone elses hands. Bag-A-Rub, get it? With the Technical University in Holland we have designed and developed a fancy product to help people put on sunlotion and or lotion or medical lotions on their body. The design has been patented in 2015. We have quotations for production and facilities (our own) to collect orders through e-commerce, fulfillment and worldwide distribution. It's a very modern design and comes with super cool features. It can be used to print logo's on and measure the amount of lotion (in medical cases). All we really need is a businesspartner who acknowledges the worldwide potential and has access to distribution channels and a strong marketing division. All is production ready,working prototypes are available. They can be produced in all sorts of colours and with your company logo we need to talk to someone who is very knowledgeable in retail and marketing.We have a video to share, research and productpitch. Please contact us at if you are interested to learn more.
Member count: 11-50