The ECommerce store with the largest inventory The ECommerce store with the largest inventory, yes, you read it right, the best part about shopping on our site, is that we after every few days, roll out a new theme which includes a newer look of the site, additional plug ins and a much more intensified with a lot of AI quotient in it. It is like any other Apple or Android version coming out after every few days. We are introducing many new modules in the next few days to come and we have already introduced modules to make online shopping more fun for customers such as the introduction of "Mr Moushi", the "Currency Cruncher" etc. as we want to make online shopping, the near to real time experience, the same experience as how someone would react when he goes out to the market, as if he/she sees something is overpriced tries to bargain with the shopkeeper, try it for real, we have an Intelligent Store which knows how & when to react. Note - The items we sell are updated almost daily and should be kept separate from the above.