A new way of story sharing BackTrack is a mobile application that gives users a new way to capture, review and share their favourite moments. Today, individuals create stories everyday through the social content they capture on their smartphones. From the second a user hits start, BackTrack streamlines content into a storyline, creating and storing unique memories that a user can share with friends and family once their 'Track' is complete. Leveraging time stamp and GPS data, the application operates by recording what you did, when you did it and where you did it. Whether its photos from a vacation or from a regular night out with friends, users are given a story worth sharing in the palm of their hand. BackTrack is a consumer application primarily focused on young, socially active adults who love sharing their content and reliving their experiences. The initial focus will be on university campuses where social clusters have a very strong presence. BackTrack - capture, review and share like never before.
Member count: 1-10