We are here. These are our films Backlot is an independent film studio: curated VOD for high quality international independent cinema directly to film audiences globally. We make hard to find films visible that are out of reach for the majority of film audiences. Screening films that are generally reserved film festivals. Our model's derived from companies in adjacent industries, specifically Bandcamp and Epic Games. Backlot operates a 50/50 revenue model directly supporting the independent film community. We seek to open up the world of independent cinema and encourage audiences to pursue a more participatory role in the community. 10% of every purchase on Backlot goes to Backlot Source, a function of Backlot to support marginalised filmmakers internationally at a regional level. Funding multiple activities including film training programmes, and film production. A unifier rather than a disruptor, we seek to collaborate with institutions and intermediaries in local communities adopting a multifaceted approach. We are an early stage start up.
Member count: 1-10