Backend made easy. Backendless is only key value store you'll ever need Backendless is a key value store that allows data in JSON format to be stored on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). It is built on top of Node.js in order to achieve fast performance and scalability. The advantage of using Backendless is that data is stored on your own Amazon S3 account and not on ours. The Node.js server ensures that data is stored / retrieved fast and efficiently from S3. Why? We think the answer can be pretty much found on this article from Pete Warden (a 2010 article that describes the advantages of using S3 as a key value store). Currently we have available a Javascript client library which can be used to work with Backendless. The only requirement is jQuery. The Javascript library is ideal for building jQuery Mobile and Phonegap / Apache Cordova apps. We are planning on releasing a .NET library soon too, compatible with Xamarin and also for Window Phone. The library will also work for desktop .NET apps and ASP.NET apps / sites.