Super easy development setup and deployment Azuki builds software development and deployment tools. Our solution has two products. First, there's azk, a downloadable open source tool. Whenever a developer starts a new project, he must configure the development environment for that project in his local computer ("isolating" a portion of the machine to install and configure the required OS, languages, databases etc.) That's a very manual, long, repetitive and error-prone task. Azk automatically orchestrates this work for the developer. It reduces the work of days to just a few minutes and improves final quality. It does for programmers what the electronic spreadsheet did for finance. Our second product is Azuki (as in the name of the company). Azuki is a SaaS that connects to azk and brings that same level of automation and quality to the deployment of applications to the developer's cloud provider of choice. Azuki is also free to developers. Azuki is currently in development (but azk has basic deployment features).
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $30K