Dispatch for mass-transit in Africa AyWa pioneers a new dispatch model for mass transit in emerging markets. We started from Africa where the service is already live. Inspired from search engines' page ranking, this proprietary method allows to index and rank city's high demand hotspots in real-time, so that formal and informal bus, mini-bus, moto bike drivers can target them more efficiently: less hops, less wait-time, less fuel consumption. Maximized filling rates. We do not need maps but an ever growing list of hotspots (AyWa stations). Smartphones aren't mandatory, a simple yet sophisticated USSD app allows us to reach the mass market. We do not target ride hailing or on-demand. Our goal is to make urban mobility a true reality for millions of students, civil servants, the informal traders and hustlers in emerging markets, that will directly skip car ownership and jump into to mobility as a service.