Marketplace to boost college grades by having online classes with worldwide tutors Ayudantee.com is a LatAm focused platform where College Students can find tutors and have online classes on demand. When we were at college, we realised that exists 2 types of college students: 1) The one who has troubles with a class 2) The one who is really good in a class and would like to teach it, but doesn't have enough time to look for students. With Ayudantee.com we help them to reach it other by giving them a space to have an online class, and also creating a real concern on the results of the college student. So, for the users, the platform allows to share documents, make classes by virtual classroom, virtual whiteboard and a rank system of tutors. The college students can improve their grades while the tutors can earn some extra money teaching the areas in which they are experts. The last year we made over 1800 hours of classes, where 92% of our students passed their exams.
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