Out-of-home VR distribution network VenueVR is a physical distribution network that integrates off-the-shelf hardware, beautiful design, custom software and great content into a turnkey service for providing out-of-home VR experiences to third-party venues. Customers include movie theaters, museums, arenas, theme parks, trade shows and shopping malls. Service Features - Quality Content ? Licensed or Custom - Shipping/Installation/Training - Configurable Hardware - Software and Hardware Updates - Staffing, Maintenance and Repair - Obsessive Customer Care Premium VR - The best VR experience available, every time - Most powerful CPUs and GPUs - Haptics, atmospherics, 3D audio - Motion-controlled chairs - Positional tracking VR is currently undergoing a major renaissance, but many challenges remain for in-home consumer adoption, including high cost, awkward form factor and limited content. We solve these problems by bringing VR to the consumer in the places they already go.
Member count: 1-10