Avikoo Studios

Entertainment and Licensing for the Digital Age PROBLEM WE SOLVE: We entertain content-hungry niches by creating original characters and content specifically catered to them. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: Not only is our original Copyrighted IP a big differentiator, but we also do things differently than old model entertainment companies which, on a hunch, spend millions of dollars to mass market their original IP, hoping to find a fanbase. At Avikoo Studios we first find content-hungry niches, then we find out what makes their hearts tick, next we build original IP to engage them and finally, we leverage low-cost digital distribution and marketing to reach them. Ours is a time and cost efficient model. HOW WE MONETIZE: Once a certain IP property has proven traction by having a large database of hardcore fans, we license our characters and content to third parties, such as toy makers, card makers, etc. There are plenty other ways we plan to monetize our amazing IP, but that is part of our secret sauce, so it can't be made public here.
Member count: 1-10