We enable fashion tech and wearables Automat is a rapid product development tool, taking ideas from prototype to production. We invite product designers to create prototypes, launch final products and engage their end users, all using the same toolkit ? Automat. This holistic view of the product development and production cycle consists of embedded hardware, an SDK for iOS and Android and a cloud solution. Reducing the Time to Market. Our business model consists of 3 steps: ? Create ? Development kit incl. SaaS for prototyping and development. ? fixed price ? Launch ? Production and hosting platform for services and user data. ? flexible price ? Content ? Customer specific store, invite developers to create apps and services for your automat-enabled products. ? flexible price and profit on each app/service. Neue labs key competences are within hardware development, enterprise services and supply chain. To achieve global scalability we have created partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and Flextronics.
Member count: 11-50