Auto-Ad offers GPS-tracked, traveling billboards while providing veterans with free SUVs Auto-Ad is redefining hyper-local advertising, while simultaneously helping Veterans. Auto-Ad sells advertising space on its fleet of vinyl wrapped 2016 SUVs, creating a "Traveling Billboard." Auto-Ad receives up to 7k impressions per hour, and are a fraction of the cost of traditional outdoor, print, and TV advertising. Once wrapped with the ad, a veteran drives it as their primary vehicle. Auto-Ad pays all expenses, saving the veteran about $1,000 a month. The fleet is GPS tracked, and advertisers get a monthly analytic detailing where their ads have been, how many miles driven, how long the ad spent in heavy traffic, light traffic, and much more. In order to ensure the ad reaches the target market we collect the veteran?s info upfront, and strategically match them based on their residence, driving habits, and more. Not only is Auto-Ad a phenomenal branding opportunity for advertisers, but it's also a GREAT PR move that quantifiably helps veterans. It?s a win-win across the board.