Yoga for a better life We are a team of yoga teachers who wants to promote the traditional yoga practices and take it to masses. The thought of doing something started from the fact we felt most yoga institutes either have turned very commercial or do not impart proper yoga teachings. With that in mind we started weekend classes 2 yrs back and slowly people start to come and we become from hobby teachers to full time yoga teachers with a full time running centre. 6 months back we thought of going into another area and share yoga teaching to people around. We now have 2 yoga centres and we promote yoga for everyone and as everyday wellbeing tool for a better life. We feel ready and want to expand and reach out to masses and bring the benefits and teaching of yoga to everyone. From the past we have also learnt that opening each new centre requires certain money and it would take us 5 yrs or more to open 10 centres. With that in mind we thought lets try to raise money and c if investors would like to pitch in.