Atnight Media
Nightlife guide for the entire world is a nightlife wesbite based in Miami. Nightlife is a estimated $25B per year industry. We're looking to expand to other major cities accross the US (Vegas, NYC, L.A, Chicago, Boston, San Fran, & others). We provide nightclubs & venues with solutions to efficiently market their events and capture data from the people attending their parties. Our backend allows clubs to create an event and simultaneously share it across several platforms, including Facebook, twitter,, and their own sites. At the same time they create their event, they notify all of their staff, including promoters, bartenders, managers, etc., that the event has been created and is ready to be promoted. With our solutions they can track their staffs marketing efforts and generate gueslists or sell tickets to the event, all while generating data for each client. We want to create the 1st World Wide nightlife guide. A website were anyone can see a listing of all of the major clubs in the world.