Assured Business Services

Assured Business Services
Founder's Message: “If you thought that making a team that works well is easy, think again!” I quote this from the blog Great Ideas Great Life. As quoted in the mentioned blog I absolutely know how crucial it is to abide by the values of Trust and Commitment for any business to be successful. I’m Kinnari, ‘Right Hand’ to busy and successful Entrepreneurs who aim to have structured systems for their Businesses. Engaging with Start-Up Entrepreneurs at a personal level is a dream come true!! Being an entrepreneur myself, I believe taking care of your numbers is an important task right from day 1 to ensure a strong financial standing. Accurate Accounting is a cornerstone of any accounting process and should not be ignored. So when you are busy thinking about the creative side of the business, we at backend make sure all is going great. Kinnari Deobhankar Shah, CEO, Assured Business Services
Location: India, Gujarat, Vadodara
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2017