Anonymous Location Based Chatting Already available on android and iOS, Asscky is an anonymous, location based chatting application targeting university students. Asscky lets users communicate openly within large groups. Communities can create areas (Asscky Boards) where they can interact with each other privately or publicly. Users can create private Asscky Boards that can only be seen or entered by users with a Board Code, keeping chat threads and media hidden. Explore a map to find public Asscky Boards (forums/groups) that are hyper specific to users current location, and interact with the people within those communities. An apartment or student residence building can have a Asscky Board just for them; here, they can interact and discover each other without exchanging emails or phone numbers. Asscky will be the first anonymous communication app for university students with anti-bullying features built-in to allow communities to restrict how unwanted users interact within the application. We empower the community
Member count: 1-10