PT. Arun Solusi Energi Indonesia
Mio PT Arun Solusi Energi Indonesia, Led by ARUN CHAKRAVARTHY as President is THE EXCLUSIVE IMPORTER of the famous Italian Company SACITEK for Indonesia and Malaysia. Building reliable Energy Management System, ASEI is a pioneer in Energy Management Systems, Energy saving and consultancy field. ASEI, a high integrity partner who follow strictly it?s motto: ?THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOUR ENERGY PROBLEM?. We believe our products are the best solution for your business in terms of energy. Our rapid growth is the best proof of our efficiency in energy sector. ASEI, propose energy solution, as well as, for industrial large consumers as for medium or small commercial and private entity. PT. Arun Solusi Energy Indonesia guaranty a saving from 10 up to 20 % and provide your Factory Casco Insurance as well as 100% money back in case of absence of saving.