All Star Entertainment
Wedding DJ services Hello, my name is Rob I own a small DJ company named All-Star Entertainment based out of New Jersey. My passion for this business and line work is beyond expectations I know the DJ market is very competitive but with the right people involved to work as a team and what can be accomplished is above and beyond expectations. I have worked with other companies to make them successful but then my company gets untouched and cant progress when I cant get paid for what I'm worth. so now I'm looking into getting a team established and help to boost my company into getting everything a client could want for there event. I specialize in sound lighting video myself as it is and want to grow for people to come to my company that will truly care about the customer rather then another job invoice number there are things I do need and most I have already and money I've personally put in as well. I'm looking for an investor to help me reach my goal and in return payback and watch what grows into.
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