support art, support artist, become an art backer ! Art Backers is the first international online platform of support for artists to produce, in privileged limited editions, great works of art accessible to all people. Art Backers cooperates with the artists in order to create true masterpieces, signed, numbered, authenticated, planned for evaluators and established connoisseurs of limited editions at affordable prices. Art Backers supports the most renowned European artists, even rising talents, ranging from Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Pop Art, Graphic Design, Street Art, Graffiti, Prints and Photographs. Art Backers designates a part of the profits to support creativity and the elevation of its artists by organising art installations, graffiti, murals, social events and exhibitions. Art Backers offers to Art Backers and to all demanding brands, a service of Art Consultant for the creation and the management of collections, selection and dealing with the artists, expertise, special events, co-marketing and celebrations.

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