Big data buying guide We leverage the shift to shopping on smartphones to disrupt the $70B search engine market. Our service enables shoppers to see their best choices instantly and helps retailers maximize their online ad yield. Shoppers currently spend up to 20 hours across 20 Amazon and Google searches deciding which product to buy. This is a terrible experience on small phone screens, yet 73% struggle to do so even while standing in a store. Retailers currently spend an average of $70 on mobile ads to acquire one customer. Mobile ads suffer from low conversion due to difficulty in reading up on products, limited capture of purchase intent and inconvenient purchasing. Our first product Arro is a big data back end plus a product matching app for iOS and eventually Android. We use machine learning to analyze millions of reviews and show shoppers their best personalized choices. We use viral techniques like Dropbox?s to drive word of mouth. Goal: become the default shopping app.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $188K

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