A TIMELESS COLLECTION OF CHIC, FINE JEWELRY WHERE FASHION MEETS TECHNOLOGY ?Technology is supposed to be invisible, they say. It should fade into the background and allow human-friendly design to flourish and delight us. (theverge.com)?. This is what Aura strives to do. As devices are getting smaller and more subtle, large black rubber/plastic bands are still ugly, bulky and do not match a sophisticated lifestyle. With patent pending technology, we have integrated technology with fine jewelry creating an invisible display that is very elegant and where the display is visible by exception and not as the rule. Ziva helps manage life for those with a modern lifestyle providing fitness tracking, call/text notification and most importantly a one touch emergency notification that is sent to your loved ones/police. Ziva is designed to change lives by leveraging technology in the most subtle yet beautiful way, creating an aura of connection and control with yourself and the world around you.
Member count: 1-10