Argisol America
Wall formwork system & building process with Neopor ARGISOL? Building Systems is an innovative, patented (Patent in the U.S.A.) wall formwork system & building process which promises accelerated residential / commercial construction timetables with up to 30% savings in construction labor. The wall formwork products are extruded from silver gray (containing graphite) proprietary, expandable polystyrene with galvanized sheet metal inserts embedded in foam. ARGISOL Building Systems is the transformative end result of a European Swiss/German engineering collaboration with the use of proprietary product by global brand leader, BASF. The wall formwork system made of NEOPOR? offers superior insulation properties for lifetime heating/cooling energy savings. Perfected in Germany, this patented wall formwork manufacturing capability will now be introduced and proven in North America with production facilities established in close proximity to local market opportunities.
Member count: 1-10