Arena Music + Merchandising
Free Music Streaming Powered By Exclusive Merch Music subscription platforms simply do not pay artists fairly when fans stream music. If consumers are no longer purchasing music to own and streaming apps pay artists fractions of a penny per stream, artists will no longer be able to make music. Arena Music is free to stream without commercials or interruptions. Even though we don't charge a monthly subscription fee, Arena pays artists the highest rates in the world whenever their music is streamed or downloaded. To us, success looks like a global music economy controlled by Artists and driven by Listeners, not industry agendas. In order to achieve this, we've balanced our streaming music model with the best on-demand merch for Artists. Plus, our state-of-the-art soft goods services to the outdoor, medical, tactical and automotive industries help fortify our independent stance in the highly competitive music industry and solidify our place as the only profitable streaming company in the world to date.
Member count: 11-50