EZ Pass for Grocery Retailers Apricart has invented the shopping cart of the future for supermarkets and other big box stores. Apricart, a smart shopping cart, will eliminate the checkout lane, upgrade consumers? in-store experiences, and provide valuable path-to-purchase insight data for supermarkets, suppliers and consumer goods manufacturers. The proprietary platform collects in-store shopper behavior data, provides a dynamic platform with measurable ROI to influence shopper choice at the decision point, and most importantly offers pay-on-the-cart checkout convenience. Apricart offers fraud-detection and intuitive ease-of-use: shoppers shop as they normally do. Personalized content appears on-screen - for instance, put in spaghetti, get a coupon for sauce and a recipe for meatballs. Items are identified without customer scanning, so at exit, the customer pays on cart and walks out. We're are excited to utilize proprietary machine vision and machine learning algorithms to resolve everyday pain points.