Record Your Android App, Watch Real User Stories AppCam is an SDK for Android that video-captures mobile user activity and interactions. Going beyond statistics gathered from analytics tools, AppCam collects real user stories - seeing where users spend a lot of time; when they are likely to make purchases; where they usually close out of the app. As a result, AppCam helps overcome the limits of collecting user experiences from focus groups and closed tests to help developers, designers, and UX teams gather ?true? feedback from users all around the world. AppCam is optimized to operate without impacting the app?s performance even on the older Android devices, and it can be easily customized to avoid capturing sensitive user information. Though a number of similar services already exist for iOS, including Appsee, LookBack, and Watchsend, this is the first service of its kind developed specifically for Android. This is a short clip that shows a video capture from AppCam: appcam.io/videos/sessionId/536a112a8f2f63308ad1824f

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