Grow virtual pets with mobile games, battle them through web MMOs Ansa Games is taking the concept of virtual pets on your phone and creating games around it with mini-games, pet stats, social media, leading up to the integration of a web-based MMO where the player takes their pet from their phone through adventures and battles inside the MMO with other pet-owners around the world. Add in features like mobile remote-control mode to control their pet character inside the MMO from their phone and you have all the ingredients for a great joint mobile-web game experience. Mobile mini-games take advantage of your devices hardware like your mic, camera, accelerometer, etc to create gameplay that increases any combination of your pet?s statistics, such as speed, strength, or intelligence. Fast-paced, strategy, classic and social are just some of the categories. The more the user plays with their pet, the more valuable it becomes in the MMO, producing additional incentive for the player to be engaged outside the mobile app's own entertainment value.
Member count: 1-10