Alembic Goods
Heated outdoor furniture Alembic Goods is a product design and development company. Our first is a line of high-end heated outdoor furniture called Hearth. Think about the heated seats in your car. Now move them under a starry sky. Now put a cocktail in your hand. Yeah, it?s like that. Thermodynamics tells us our heating system design is the most effective, efficient. Material science tells us our design is bulletproof durable. Potential customers tell us it will improve their spaces and the revenue they generate. Good taste tells us it?s beautifully designed. Our target customers are furniture buyers in the hospitality market, specifically, high-end hotels, spas, ski resorts, restaurants--an $11bn market in the U.S. alone. When we originally launched the first iteration, The San Francisco Chronicle called it "the season's hottest seat" and our launch partner, Flora Grubb Gardens described it as "the simplest and most welcome innovation in garden furniture in, oh, forever."
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